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Sensei Barry Friedberg

My journey in Japanese culture started as an athlete. I began to train Judo in at the Brooklyn dojo Japan Judo. Under the auspices of Mr. Shiina, my talents improved. I worked with other judokas and fighters of other disciplines. I came there looking for a training regime going into college where I was continuing to wrestle. In the ensuing years I began to take it very seriously and my goal was to represent the United States in the Olympics. I took 3rd place twice in the US Nationals.  While I never made it to the Olympics, I was able to keep judo in my life and now as a teacher I am spreading the philosophy of the gentle way.


So in a way, I’ve been a student and teacher my whole life.  Judo teaches us to be humble and strong at the same time. The quest is to find balance between these two elements.  Judo has opened many doors in my life, exposure to food and culture and language are part of judo and judo is part of Japan.


In addition to teaching judo, I have a degree in Sports Science, and have been able to train and guide athletes at all levels through the physical demands and mental rigors of sports. Training athletes and individuals to achieve their goals in sports,fitness,weight loss , muscle gain as well as  injury prehab and rehab.


I am a native Brooklynite, and am currently training my son in the joys of judo.

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