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Testimonial 1/17/23

Zoe had a lot of fun in Judo class, but it clashes with her ballet class. You have a great way connecting with the kids thank you for the trial class





I meant to tell you Jay has had a lot of coaches in different ball sports since he was about 7 and he ranks you at the top. He's says you are awesome !


We noticed a big improvement in Ryan’s behavior once he started judo with Sensei Barry. He also loves the ninja warrior class where he builds confidence jumping and swinging. Barry is great with children and we recommend his classes to any parents.

Parents of Ryan Roberts, 5 Yrs Old

Tue, Dec 1, 6:03 PM 

to Brooklynjudoacademy

Dear Barry,

Thank you so so much for training my son, Matthew.  For anyone interested in self defense training for their child I highly recommend Barry.
He is very knowledgeable, patient, has an amazing personality. Barry is grear with kids.
Matthew was alway super excited to come in for training.
All the best

From the parent of a student that I was the birthday party guy,'Thank you it was a great time . The kids and parents loved it"

I worked out with Barry Friedberg when I lived in New York. Got in the best shape of my life. He motivated me and helped me learn about diet and proper weight training, while pacing me to gain strength and definition. Then I moved back to PA, and I have never found that connection until this Covid -19 lockdown. I wanted to do a video work out, and so I reached out to him. One of the few good things about this time is that we re connected professionally. The weight is dropping, the definition is coming back, and he really has been a savior in my journey of getting back to a healthy life style. My blood results for sugar and cholesterol have leveled and at 50 something I feel great. The One on One attention is as if I was there in person. I could not recommend anyone better. I couldn’t do it alone as many of us go through. 

Coach Barry has done an amazing job combining exercise and fun for my boys. He is engaging, inspiring and been the bright spot this summer. Cristina Cahill

At Brooklyn Judo Academy my 6-year-old son has learned valuable athletic and self-defense skills as well as coordination, self-confidence and discipline. Practicing Judo is a great way for him to get much needed exercise, and harness his natural competitiveness and aggressiveness in a constructive way. Sensei Barry is knowledgeable, attentive and caring whether in person or on Zoom. I highly recommend BJA to anyone looking for fun, healthy and effective martial arts instruction.


-Daniel Klein, Brooklyn Judo dad

Hi Barry,


What comes to mind and what I ACTUALLY USE with my older son and sometimes myself is actually your advice: "Give me one good one."  It can apply to just about anything - sports, getting along with others, tackling a job or project, you name it. 


From our interview: 


Barry: I’m trying to build confidence in the students so they can exercise. I teach them to do one good pushup. Give me one good one of “such and such” exercise. Then we try two and if two works, then we can move on. Make it simple. The kids are over tasked. 


Let me know what you think. 


Very warm regards,


Thank You Brooklyn Judo | 2020 Green & Healthy Night


Hello Sensei Barry,


On behalf of the PTA's Green and Healthy Committee, please accept our utmost gratitude for your company's generosity. We are very grateful for your time - and for your team's fantastic support of our 2020 Green and Healthy Night!


Student demonstrations with Brooklyn Judo was such a hit with our families! Green and Healthy Night was a huge success and we couldn’t have provided such a rich and meaningful program without your volunteer help. We are thrilled your creative efforts were enjoyed by so many of our students! A perfect culminating event for their Green and Healthy Month of learning.


It is through your support, which makes a thriving school community possible. We can't thank you enough for a truly remarkable family celebration that your company helped to make spectacular and enjoyable on so many levels!!

Once again, thank you for your engaging contribution, and opportunity for community partnership.



With deep appreciation,


Christina Salvi & Allison Bridges,
Green & Healthy Co-Chairs




Adele Brice, PTA Volunteer


PS 321 PTA

180 Seventh Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215

This report is from a students Dr. This student was hit by a truck.

1. Your bloodwork has always been good. So that is off the table. It won’t show anything.
2. In your list of complaints I deleted that you usually have knee, ankle and wrist pain. I deleted all of those complaints as they are gone.
3. You have stopped 1 out of 3 of your blood pressure pills and have had an improvement in blood pressure. That is awesome.
4. You usually wear sunglasses and have tenderness to your shoulders. This has improved and you are not getting headaches as often.
5. You could not stand with your feet together or in tandem for 1 second or on one foot. And you can do this now - a little.
6. You used to have edema in your ankles and calves and this has resolved which shows is a really good cardiovascular sign.
Hope this is helpful. I would hug your Sensei for helping you!

My boyfriend walked into Brooklyn Judo Academy 18 months ago with his 11 year old daughter and they have attended several times a week without fail. Boyfriend lost 30 pounds, gained strength and agility, and is now a green belt; daughter, also a green belt, enjoys her new confidence and the thrill of competition. My 6 year old daughter joined a few months ago and has already developed patience and attentiveness. Sensei Barry, who also works as a personal trainer, is serious yet warm and welcoming; everyone who enters the dojo is invited to the mat in this friendly and supportive dojo. Sensei Barry works carefully with each judoka and is generous with his encouragement. We love our dojo where all ages and ranges of ability practice together!

Jillian Mcdonald


I've known Barry for  10 years now. He has always impressed me with his professionalism, passion, and dedication. 4 years ago. Barry prescribed a series of leg exercises to help me obtain more stability and strength in my knees post ACL reconstruction. Since following his regimen I no longer need knee braces to do judo and I've never felt more confident in the stability and strength of my legs.

-Nick Kossor minus 60 kilos World Team member 2014 Judo


Hey barry, it's dylan. just wanted to let you know i'm doing really well with your workouts, i went to basketball last week and i have been playing the best that i have in my opinion. I'm doing my role as a big man setting pic and rolls, boxing out and rebounding of course. Even  dunked with 2 hands..just wanted to let you know and say thank you so much for putting up with my laziness that i get sometimes when i come, providing me with these amazing work outs..i really appreciate it!

-Dylan Blanes 17yr old

HS Basketball


Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanor, Barry gets results!!He knows how to take care of the body inside and out. He encourages small changes at a time to develop the body as well as healthy eating habits. A client doesn’t feel like their goals are unreachable.

Barry is professional and reliable and I highly recommend him.

-Gina Tuckman on Barry training her son.


This year I trained for my first marathon, the ING NYC marathon. I had been a runner for the past couple of years and have done several short races and half marathons. However, training for the 26.2 is a whole different ball game. I reached out to Barry Friedberg to help train and get me ready for my newest challenge. Barry became my go to coach. He helped me develop a training plan that would accommodate my busy schedule. In addition, we did a lot of strength training to help strengthen my lower extremities as well as my core. We discussed nutrition and how to eat properly when running up to 20 miles in a day. I can't say enough about how supportive Barry was throughout my training. In the end he helped me to reach my goal of 3:45!

-Beth Kufeld

It is with pleasure that I provide this endorsement of Barry Friedberg.

Apart from being a great athlete, he is also an excellent fitness trainer.  My wife and I both used Barry for about a year until our schedules did not fit. Barry has an excellent knowledge of how the body functions both in terms of muscles and joints.  He developed individual programs for my wife and I that were tailored to our specific needs and training capabilities.  We always felt better after a session.  Barry particularly addressed a foot and ankle problem that I had and he was the only one whoever helped my issue. I would certainly recommend Barry to anyone in need of a fitness trainer.

-Robert F. Geary


Barry Friedberg is an accomplished Judo expert and teacher. As an athlete he has won many Judo Championships and as a judo teacher he has mastered the technique of leading classes and explaining the way of judo to young and old. He has earned the level of Black belt. Barry has the physical training skills to explain how to get in condition and stay in condition for folks of all ages. Barry has the mastered the art of tailoring programs to enable all ages and all levels to get in shape. He understands the health benefits of fitness for mind and body. He will be an asset to any heath oriented fitness program.

-Mel Appelbaum, PhD

8th Degree Black Belt






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